Science can tell us how but it cant tell us why.

Yes, but for many “why” should not be answered with wishful thinking, and for many “why” is irrelevant, but I don’t fault anyone for answering “why” with their own desires and wishful thoughts.

your blog is popular! are you ever going to reveal yourself on here? and do you worry that those who come off anon to you will reveal who you are?

I am not too worried about it. I have been able to connect better with believers and honestly I struggle every day to create a more united world, I want those who believe to be accepting of those who disbelieve, and I want those who believe to accept those who believe. I am not worried, I would risk my life to see a more united, peaceful, understanding world, where people stop demonizing one another for having different beliefs, a world where people can come together and put aside their diffrences, a world where we can be more understanding of why violence takes place, a world where we can unite under the banner of peace and love, where people do not judge each other because of race, ethnicity, religion, political views, or anything like that, but instead we love each other based on behaviour. You can be a believer or a non-believer, I don’t care, but what I do care about is how you behave!

What is wrong with this world? What is wrong with our politicians and so called leaders?

Why can’t people just unite to love each other?

What’s the need for more power? We are all going to die one day!

What’s the purpose of all this greed? We are all going to die one day!

For fuck sakes people, just love humanity, enjoy life and help others do the same, stop trying to demonize one another, stop belittling each other. You’re no better or worse than the person next to you!

what do you think about octopuses?

I don’t

"The word "Islamophobia" exploits the pain of genuine victims of anti-Muslim bigotry, using them to stifle any & all criticism of Islam." This is quote from Ali A. Rizvi. Read his brilliant article "The Phobia of Being Called Islamophobic" in HufPost. Unlike you he doesn't pander and doesn't mince words.

I’ve read the article, and I actually know the guy and find most of what he says emotion driven. Not sure what you’re trying to get at here? If you have a mind of his own feel free to share your thoughts and I can share mine, but if you want to copy and paste material on anon without even saying what your point is then you should go talk to someone else.

I'm 23 years old and I realised the hard way that the only true freedom is the freedom from poverty. I'm poor and so needy that I feel oppressed and the only way to go forward is believing in God. The only force that wakes me up every morning. I'm educated, I read and I get access to culture but it's not enough to feel secure. I'm not stupid nor deluded, but it helps me. People who can ''afford'' thinking whether God is real or not are people who have too much free time... Don't judge please...

why would I judge you? I would recommend doing other things to alleviate what you consider problems in life, but I don’t fault people for believing in God when it is the only solution. So long as people’s belief in God does not make them feel like they need to force their beliefs on others and have their beliefs impact anything except their own inner self, and as long as believers do not feel like they are at a higher moral ground than those who do not believe then I am pretty certain almost no atheist has an issue with it.

The horrific pictures of the beheading of American reporter James Foley, the images of executions of alleged collaborators in Gaza and the bullet-ridden bodies left behind in Iraq by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant are the end of a story, not the beginning. They are the result of years, at times decades, of the random violence, brutal repression and collective humiliation the United States has inflicted on others.

Our terror is delivered to the wretched of the earth with industrial weapons. It is, to us, invisible. We do not stand over the decapitated and eviscerated bodies left behind on city and village streets by our missiles, drones and fighter jets. We do not listen to the wails and shrieks of parents embracing the shattered bodies of their children. We do not see the survivors of air attacks bury their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. We are not conscious of the long night of collective humiliation, repression and powerlessness that characterizes existence in Israel’s occupied territories, Iraq and Afghanistan. We do not see the boiling anger that war and injustice turn into a caldron of hate over time. We are not aware of the very natural lust for revenge against those who carry out or symbolize this oppression. We see only the final pyrotechnics of terror, the shocking moment when the rage erupts into an inchoate fury and the murder of innocents. And, willfully ignorant, we do not understand our own complicity. We self-righteously condemn the killers as subhuman savages who deserve more of the violence that created them. This is a recipe for endless terror.

Chris Hedges, American journalist

Saudi Arabia is the main source of the most fanatical militant Islamic ideology. This ideology, Wahhabi movement, is the source of groups like ISIS, they have killed and tortured millions of people, most of those victims are actually Muslims themselves, but the whole world suffers from them! Saudi Arabia has one of the worst human rights abuses in the world, it a country were not only modern day form slavery functions at the expense of the Asian community but women are mistreated and people in general are highly discriminated against unless they are part of the elite group that runs what goes on in the country.

This system can only be defeated if they are marginalized and alienated.Instead no country in the Middle East has received as much love and support from Western nations as the regime in Saudi Arabia. Why do they do this? Why do they not think of the longer term consequences? While you may be angry about ISIS, you should be even more angry about the support Western nations and all nations in general give the Saudi regime.

Do these politicians not have children? do their children not have children? Do they not care? Why is everything about short terms gains? Why all this greed? Why do you need to risk the love and security of the world for more and more financial gains? I just cannot understand it but this needs to end! We need to stop extremism at its source, we need to spread more education, we need to make a difference by finding the problem and analzying and coming up with solutions, not bombing the people who have nothing to do with it! I’ve simply had enough with greed and power running and controlling people’s lives. We have got to take a firm stance against this system!

I’ve often asked Muslims this question and the answers I get would surprise most people out there who never interact with any Muslims. Of course, my intention is to see progress and to be honest I feel like it is possible, but it is only possible if people can engage with one another.

As we may have noticed in the past few years there have been Muslims who attacked embassies and foreigners all because someone insulted Muhammad, or drew a picture of him. We can easily acknowledge how outrageous this is, but what do ordinary Muslims think of this and how can this problem be solved?

I have decided to ask Muslims in Canada, as well as some on my trip to Malaysia and Singapore earlier this year. Out of the dozens I asked not a single one said they approve of the violence. There were a couple of individuals who said they were harshly offended and believed the person who did this should either pay a fine or go through a legal process to be persecuted, but the overwhelming majority said even though they were offended the violence was uncalled for. So how can we address this? How can we fix this problem? Where does it even come from?

One thing we all agreed on was that in all cases it is important for Muslims to stage peaceful protests against anyone who carries out such brutal tactics. Many have told me and I partly do agree that this all stems from the Wahabbi mentality of a specific group of people in Saudi Arabia, and in order to assess the problem we need to go to the roots, which is why they are so outraged by the unilateral support that the government of United States gives to Saudi Arabia, and of course, so am I!

So in the hopes of moving forward, I think it’s important for more and more Muslims to be able to look at a case where someone decides to insult your prophet, and think to yourself that this person is most likely just trying to provoke you, the intention is to get you angry, so why play into it? Why not fight back by peacefully saying that the person has freedom of speech and you will just ignore them for that. Present your case in a calm manner, there is not need to be angry or offended. Didn’t one of Muhammad’s companions say the greatest answer to a fool is silence?

If you have other suggestions and solutions as far as how we can move forward and progress to come up with a solution regarding this issue I welcome you feedback. So far I’ve only received great answers from the believers out there, even those who said they were harshly offended made some excellent points.

In the end, such conflicts are ridiculous, we need to learn to love one another, but also we need to be more patient. Isn’t patience one of the greatest virtues? Hate will only make the problem worse, approach it with love.

Have you ever seen a show called daring question

I’ve watched a couple of short segments on youtube. I think such shows needs to used to create more love and unity.

While it is not mentioned in the Quran, the Hadith states that Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6 years old and the marriage was consummated when she was 9.

The response to this from the Muslim world varies. Here are the most common ones and also ways to address it further. In the hopes of writing this I want to ask Muslims out there to help in moving forward with this by coming up with a feasible solution.

1) Most Muslims in the world can easily acknowledge that if such an act did take place it was time relevant. We know now that it is wrong, but such marriages were rather common all over the world at the time even into the middle ages by some European royalty. With that said, it is critically analyzed by most Muslims and the individual can acknowledge that it is wrong and it should be made very clear that such acts should not take place in the 21st century. In fact we need to take whatever measure possible to stop them from happening.

2) There are Muslims who just flat out deny it and say the Hadiths are full of nonsense and made up stories. This may or may not be true, how can I know this? Well the fact is I cannot know anything for sure, but still it is a positive approach because it acknowledges that it is wrong as a result of thinking about it critically.

3) Then we have the Muslims, who based on my observations make up a small minority, who justify the act and want to make it legal to take place in our modern societies. This is wrong, this is what needs to be condemned and this mentality needs to advance forward. So this is where we need to work with moderate Muslims and ask for help in order to find a solution to be able to come up with a way to stop this from ever taking place again. I would appreciate any feedback and if Muslims out there can help with a solution I’d great appreciate it.

but what's the youngest you would go

I’d say 19

what are good gifts to get a man

depends on the man, the biggest gift you can give me is love :)

Have you ever seen a Micropenis? I have. It was disturbing!My friends and I were at the beach really drunk and one of my friends "pantsed" another friend. (Yanked his bathing suit down) We all expected to just laugh and go "hahaha your penis is showing! hahaha!" but when his pants were yanked down we were all shocked to see-nothing. We saw this little tiny nub. like an outie belly button. That's it. We all gasped.Has u ever seen anything like this? WTF?

Well, seems like you had a nice day at the beach. I don’t typically observe penises that closely but yes I have been to nudist beaches and penis sizes do vary.

How do we stop the secular and educated people in the middle east from leaving it? I know many people from Lebanon, Syria and Iran who want to leave and it makes me sad.

They will stop leaving once war and conflicts end! When economies are not so hampered and screwed over.

This is why I have been so strongly opposed to any wars in the Middle East, they keep ruining societies and countries even more and fool people into thinking something positive will come out of it.

The day that people are just left alone to build their nations I will be the first to go back to the Middle East and help in the process, though I would never give up being a Canadian, this is the country I love and grew up in. I pay my taxes here and work in every way possible to maintain this great country what it is today, which includes looking at the problems Canada has and faces and working on coming up with solutions to improve.