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I have a 13 hour flight ahead of me tomorrow as I head to Korea for a little under 2 weeks, if I am slow in responding to messages please bare with me, I’ll be back home soon!

A true leader - Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green party of Canada, speaking at the 2014 Convention of the Green Party of Canada

In a democratic system aren’t the private citizens or their elected officials/parliament entitled to have a say on matters that will impact their country for the next generation? I do hope Canadians will investigate Harper’s most recent deal with some scrutiny. This isn’t about how one feels over Chinese corporations having a strong hand to impact Canadian laws, but rather the fact that this massive deal is agreed upon without public debate or a say from our parliament, and that in itself is an attack on the whole concept of democracy in Canada. Only history can measure the extent to which some of Harper’s changes will be here to stay as a political force, the same way that the system permanently changed in the U.S in the last century, designed to ensure certain parts will remain no matter who happens to be in power. Will our democracy also become one in which two wealthy guys who were part of the same secret society in college run on pretty much the same program because they’re supported by the same corporations with one being a bit more socially liberal than the other? I certainly hope that will not happen in Canada. I am not trying to convince anyone that my ways are right, all I can do is ask Canadians to do their own research and remember that when we go to the polls next year!

Thanks to Stephen Harper Canada is no longer a democracy. As if Harper’s multi-billion dollar weapons deal earlier this year with one of the most oppressive regimes in the world, Saudi Arabia, followed by his unilateral support for Israel’s warmongering Netanyahu, harming both the Israelis and the Palestinians, was not enough. Harper and his Conservatives have now officially signed a disturbing deal with another brutal regime, giving China complete control over some of Canada’s natural resources, allowing China to sue if they don’t like our laws and hence giving a foreign State power to change Canadian laws in order to fit their own interests. A deal that even some of his own Conservative allies are condemning, as it gives China sovereignly over Canada for the next 30 years, the details of which were kept secret from the Canadian public and the Parliament. Never once since the Confederation has the autonomy of Canada been so damaged thanks to a Prime Minister who lacks so much competence. It baffles my mind how anyone can still defend the man’s despicable acts!

Today I made another donation to the Green party of Canada, the party I have been supporting for a very long time and the only party that in my opinion can fully restore democracy in Canada. Even though the Green party only received 3.91% of the votes in the last election I am optimistic that more people will take the time to read more about the platform of the Green Party of Canada and Elizabeth May, the leader of the party.

Ahhhh those pictures from Cambodia are amazing!! I finally get to go there next year through Habitat for Humanity to build houses for people and I can't wait. I've helped their fundraisers for ages but its so much more powerful to see it in person and put things in perspective. Did you have fun? :)

Oh that’s amazing, good job! And of course you’re gonna love it there, the people are so wonderful! I had a great time, I was only there for a week on vacation before going to Vietnam. It’s such a great country!

Be grateful for what you have in life!

Do you think losing your virginity when you're 21 is way too old? Where i live all the people lose it when they're teenagers and my friends tell me that i need to get laid lol. Whatever, fuck society haha

Not at all, it’s all up to you and what you feel is best for you. Nobody should ever be judged on their sexuality and or what they prefer sexually. You do what you feel is best for you. It’s not up to others to dictate to you when or how you should lose your virginity. Do what you feel is best for you and if you don’t even want to lose your virginity until later then so be it, 100% your choice, your decision :)

what do you actually do as an engineer?

I’m a mining engineer, which is a big industry in Canada (mining), so my work consists of designing underground tunnels and drifts, and other engineering aspects as well. I work a job in a remote part of the country, which essentially is based on a 2 weeks on - 2 weeks off fly in/ fly out schedule. So basically I am off for half the month and hence the time to constantly travel and have the time to blog often

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What is your vision of an ideal education system?

Well, this can be extensive, but I think an ideal education system is one where people are taught to critically analyze everything, information should be readily available on all topics, a system which does not discriminate but teaches understanding, and it’s all provided for free so it’s not just there for those who can afford it.

I still can't believe you're an engineer!! Seriously??? You give the best advice ever and I know a lot of engineers who I'm friends with and they aren't like you at all! Thank you for being you and helping all those that you can!!

haha thank you. yes I know a lot engineers who are different from me, when I was in high school I took a look at what interested me for university, there was political science, philosophy, world religions, history, psychology, and a few others, but I figured since I was really good at math I should go into a field that I knew would help me secure a good career, that’s what led me to engineers and I actually enjoy it. I figured, when it comes to all those other topics I can just do that as a hobby, which I did, along with constant traveling :)

Sorry If my message came across as offensive. I'm really sorry. I just don't understand how can you say religions are outdated while at the same time believe ''theories'' which will never be proven anyways. You need FAITH to believe the theory to be true. Anyways, I respect you.

No problem, as you noticed even though your initial ask may have come off as a bit hostile or aggressive, I tried to be understanding of your position and gave a response about mine. I realize that you cannot understand why someone would believe in evolution and the big bang, but these are my views because there is actual evidence for it, evolution is something that has extensive evidence. In fact, millions of Muslims and Christians actually accept evolution, you can visit any Natural History museum and learn more if you’re interested. In countries, like Iran for instance, they actually teach evolution in science classes. It’s not just a belief, it’s based on evidence of how we got here. I just don’t believe in God or that religions are divinely inspired, like I said I could go on and elaborate on that, but that isn’t really the point. The main point is being able to be more understanding of others, which is what I do with those who do believe. Now as to why I don’t and how that could impact me, well, the way I look at it is I live my life in a happy and enjoyable way, I give a way a big portion of my income to those who are in need, I am always there to help people who need it, I devote my time and energy to making people happy, and I live my life trying to make others enjoy their lives as much as I do with mine, and if there is a God then surely this God will appreciate that and will not want to punish me for it.

Why don't you live in Iran, if you don't mind me asking? Iran has amazing landscapes and cities. I would wish to live there if I was Iranian, even if I have to live under a backwards Islamic government .

Well, for starters I am Canadian and have lived in Canada for the past 20 years. I could just get up and leave but I don’t see why I should do that, leave my job, life, and everything behind for the beautiful landscapes and cities of Iran? I love Iran and that will not change. However, I am Canadian, I work here, I have a career, pays taxes here, and I love Canada as my home and I will remain a Canadian, doing what it takes to help this country and its future, and when presented with the opportunity I will do what I can to help Iran as well. I would also hope to see political change in a very positive way in Iran during my lifetime.