My soul dies a little every time I see an Islamist in Canada. Bitch, your fucking ideology is why all of us are here. Your barbaric people spread your nasty religion with the sword and ever since time it has been killing people. My parents lived in the Kurdish region and for years the Arab Islamists all around us did anything to get rid of us. Till this day in Syria they slaughter us. My land,culture and tradition is now forever gone and I am a lost generation here for good.

I am sorry to hear that, but what do you mean by seeing Islamists in Canada? Are you talking about particular cases where people are making physical or psychological attacks on others? Are you referring to parents who force their children to abide by their archaic beliefs? Are you referring to their lack of assimilation? Because those things I am strongly against as well!


Are you just referring to a woman wearing a headscarf or a Muslim man praying?

Those are things that I personally do not have a problem with. Of course I strongly disagree with them on their beliefs just as I disagree with any person of faith, but I think people who have certain beliefs should be free to have their beliefs if they are not harming anyone and still contributing to the society. At the same time I should have the freedom to be able to criticize those religious beliefs and call them out on it when necessary. That is the beauty and greatness of a secular society, and that is why I love Canada.

What is your job?

I’m an engineer

Okay, I need some help... My friend comes from an extremely religious family, and her father is a deacon. Problem is, she's an atheist. Her dad took her to see "gods not dead" and she said she didn't like it, pretty much because the film was just shitty and unrealistic. Her dad flipped shit and thought she was becoming an atheist, which she's been hiding for a long time. He took away her laptop and sold it, and this isn't the first time stuff like this has happened. How should she come out?

How old is she? Is she at an age where she can be on her own?

This is one of the problems with being an atheist and also being young and dependent on your parents. I personally think that - and I know some people disagree with me - if you are an atheist living with religious parents then you shouldn’t be so vocal about it. In fact, what do you think you achieve by telling your parents. Unless they are physically harming you based on their psychotic beliefs, in which case Yes I recommend getting out of there as soon as you can! Otherwise, do your own thing and wait until you’re older and capable of supporting yourself, then you can tell them if you wish.

How do you react to the fact that anything you say to someone who is Jewish. the response is "you're anti-semetic" or you "hate all jewish people"?

Well depends on what you are saying. It’s not always the case but the word “anti-Semitic” can be misused at times. Some may do it to shut down criticism of Israel (which is political not racial) and I find that to be a shame because anti Semitism is a real problem in our world and those who misuse the term do not realize the harm they’re doing to the many Jews out there who actually suffer from discrimination.

How do you respond to people who say men and women were made for each other and that only men and women can make babies therefore love between people of the same sex is invalid or wrong even though it's not a choice? Are they right?

Procreation does not dictate what love is. Why do you have to procreate for there to be love? Some people just have an issue with anything that’s outside of the norm they’re used to. Besides if less people procreated in this world we’d be living in much more wonderful place.


um yeah I like booty

I'm never rude to people about other religions, but people think that I believe in Christianity, which I don't. I always politely tell them that I don't believe in their religion, and they usually reply with a rude comment. My family and friends are in on it, too. I'm part of one of the more less common religions, in which a lot of people have misconceptions about it. What should I do?

If you truly believe what they think are just misconceptions then just let it be, do what you believe is right. You have that freedom, no matter how many people are rude to you, it’s not like they are harming you physically. Far too many people are rude to me, but what difference does it make. They can say and think whatever they want, it makes no difference in my life. People’s words are absolutely meaningless in the big picture.

If youre family so intolerant to gay ppl& makes you wanna commit suicide bcuzyoure also gay and they dont accept you, is it rational to make a new "fam" consisting of ppl who love you no matter what and aren't blood&cutting ties with your bio fam?

Sometimes, as difficult as it may be you might have to distance yourself from your family. If they hate you and would never accept you for who you are then it just become demoralizing and depressing being around them, meanwhile a massive group of people out there would treat you as their own family. The same goes with atheists who come from extremely religious families.

Honour killings are a perfect example of just because someone is related to you by blood it means nothing! Love is the most important thing.

I really think you should write a book, I know it's difficult cause you gotta get an editor and all that but really, you can do it.

Thank you. I’ve actually started the process recently. I have a lot of stuff that needs to get organized, and I am going to add a lot from my own personal experiences, trying to help others liberate themselves from religion, instead of constantly pointing out the harms of religion, although I think it is important to discuss how religion ruins the world.

I will certainly publicize it the day it does actually become a book, but like you said, it’s hard especially since none of this is my official occupation, so it requires time.

If god is all knowing then surely he knows that many people will not believe in him and he will send those people to hell, but why? Why would someone do that? Purposely create humans and then punish us for not believing in him?

The Christians would likely say something to the extent of, “God gave people free will to accept Christ as their savior and if they choose not to believe, then it’s their fault.” Meanwhile, the Muslims will say something under the lines of, “Allah gave us free will and it is up to us to accept his existence and by not believing you are destined to go to hell”, and many other religions will make similar claims. 

But “believing” is not really a choice. It is not as if I chose not to believe. It’s not a choice like something physical, such as choosing not to hurt people, or choosing not to steal. But as far as Christianity and Islam go, faith is a choice and that really does not make much sense. They say faith is much more important to have than anything, because god will forgive your sins, so long as you believe.

No matter how you phrase it, believing, however, is not a choice. Did you choose to not believe in Santa clause? No, it’s not really a choice is it? A choice would be something you have an option for, such as choosing to eat well, or choosing to go the gym tomorrow. But could you just choose to start believing in Santa clause from tomorrow? 

So the question is if god is all powerful, all knowing, and created humans just so they can believe in him and if they do not then he will punish them for it, then why did god create people to begin with, knowing so many would be disbelievers?

Perhaps he never did create us! Perhaps he doesn’t even exist in reality but only as a delusion in the minds of people who “believe”. There is no evidence for the existence of god and hence the only logical position in my opinion is atheism.

You are lovely. I literally want to shower you with gifts and flowers and cool anti-religion books. Get a PO box!

Thank you! :) .. Well, I have one, or better yet, just come to Toronto and visit!

do you have a job

Yes I’m an engineer

Do you think it's possible for a non-religious Muslim or Christian to not be homophobic, racist, or sexist? I know a few people like that but I'm not sure if that means they're truly "in the religion".

Of course it’s possible! Hate has no limits, there are lots of hateful people who are not religious at all. When people are taught to hate they will hate, when you are taught love and compassion that’s what you grow up understanding.

Religions just happen to preach them so a perfectly normal and good person can hate gay people just because of his or her religion. That’s why religion causes so much damage

You spread so much hate-I was just wondering how you have peace in your life?

Tell me where I’m spreading hate because I would love to know why telling people about the awful and intolerant passages of different religions and the negative impact they cause is classified as preaching hate. I’m peaceful and care about people without having to believe a supreme being wants me to do good so I can be rewarded for it. It’s a very peaceful way to live. You should try it.

What kind of music do you listen to?

All kinds of music. Depends on the mood