I think it's very easy to debunk religion. Endless hypocrisy. But to say there is no god,don't think one could easily prove the existence or non existence.

I think it’s pretty evident the God of Abraham, the monotheistic idea of God is man-made, but as far a creator, yes I agree, you can never say with 100% if there is none.

is there a nice way to tell him? just throw any random evidence and I will try to use it. I have trouble deciding which one to use.

Like I was saying, my biggest dilemma was the impossibility of an all-powerful god who is also all-loving at the same time. This doesn’t make sense. That right there is proof that the God of Abraham as mentioned in the Torah, the Gospels, and the Quran is not real. A myth! A fairy tale! Excuses made to exonerate that are just convenient fall backs for people who desperately want there to be a God

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What are your thoughts on the Israel conflict and the connection to the 4 Blood moon tetrad. If there is any. I'm atheist and don't believe in religion. But the Jewish prophecy talks of 2 Jewish holidays falling on the the dates of the Blood moons. It's happened servile times in history and they got their land back and next the their state. Now they say the current 4 blood moons show the time the Jewish temple is to be built on top of solomens temple where currently the Muslim mosque is.

Do you know many so called “prophecies” like that exist, how vague nonsense people put together to just say, oh look, our God is real, our religion is real because this so called prophecy came true.

Please ask yourself, does the all knowing, all powerful, all loving master of the universe want to ignore and deny all he can supposedly do, just so we can see this four blood moon “prophecy”. I guess what really gets me is how you say you’re an atheist yet can actually fall for this in any way. I am not going to say it’s your fault, it gets to me because of how much manipulation exists when it comes to religion! How much they push their nonsense on people that even an atheist may wonder about something.

This specific 4 blood moon nonsense isn’t just laughable because its been debunked many times, but it actually doesn’t even make sense. I’d like for you to look at one of the many sites that have debunked it, this is only one of many, there are many more, this has been refuted endlessly! I am surprised it even comes up in this day and age.


hi, can you please answer this ask privately, thankyou I'm a Muslim and I always find myself jumping back and forth between trying to have a kind of relationship with god (by making duaa' etc) which make me feel, I don't know how to say this, like psychologically satisfied? but at the same time I feel guilty because I feel like it's just when I'm going through trouble I pray for him, at this point I'm just confused all the time and it feels worse since it's ramadan. my mom in particular (cont)


I can’t answer this privately because you sent it on anonymous. Could you send it as a private message please, that way I can respond privately. I always do.

Israel also has a unit in the military that’s sole purpose is to go onto Facebook, YouTube and internet forums to counter people that don’t agree with the policies of their country.

A computer lab staffed by students in an Israeli university is playing a key role in the war of information in the Gaza conflict.

Inspired by the role of social media during the Arab Spring and boosted by the support of the Israeli government and Israel Defence Force, student volunteers at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, a private university north of Tel Aviv, are waging their own propaganda war countering online anti-Israeli sentiment.

In this particular project, which goes by the name “Israel Under Fire”, staffed by approximately 400 student volunteers, they claim to have succeeded in closing anti-Israeli pages on Facebook and challenging pro-Palestinian comments.

Read More: http://www.theage.com.au/it-pro/government-it/israeli-propaganda-war-hits-social-media-20140717-ztvky.html

South Korea has one of the proportionately highest Christian populations in East Asia. But why?

Well, prior to 1945 Christianity was pretty much unheard of in Korea. The growth of both was gradual before 1945. In that year, approximately 2% of the population was Christian. Rapid growth ensued by 1991, 18.4% of the population (8.0 million) was Protestant, and 6.7% (2.5 million) was Catholic.

Anglicanism in Korea has also experienced significant growth in the recent decades.

Why did all of this happen? In recent years, the growth of Protestantism has slowed, and all the previous growth was due to the typical Christian missionary work, Christians with this fanatical idea, believing the world must convert to Christianity, because after all, it is the only true path to salvation.

Now, with just under a third of Koreans identifying themselves as Christian, this has caused tension in recent times, especially between the Christian and Buddhist communities as Buddhists have felt that current president Lee Myung-bak’s very public Christianity has left them unfairly victimised at times.

Fundamentalist Protestant antagonism against Buddhism has been a major issue for religious cooperation in South Korea, especially during the 1990s to late 2000s. Acts of vandalism against Buddhist amenities and “regular praying for the destruction of all Buddhist temples” have drawn criticism. Buddhist statues have been considered as idols, attacked and decapitated. Arrests are hard to enforce, as the perpetrators work by stealth at night.” Such acts, which are supported by some Protestant leaders, have led to South Koreans having an increasingly negative outlook on Protestantism and being critical of church groups involved, with many Protestants leaving their churches in recent years.

So once again Christians and their evangelizing nonsense are causing conflicts, fear, paranoia, and dividing people apart.

University students (traditionally at the heart of a lot of social change and protest in Korea) have now started to respond by setting up “Atheist Clubs” at top Korean universities to try and curb some of the ever-growing evangelicalism in the South.

Read more: http://www.koreabang.com/2012/stories/students-launch-atheist-clubs-to-counter-rising-christianity.html

sorry if too personal or inappropriate but where exactly in the "holy" books does it condemn masturbation?

The Quran doesn’t say anything about masturbation, only vague passages that some people have interpreted to mean it’s about masturbation. The Bible also works the same way, it doesn’t come out and say don’t masturbate, it just has vague passages about some random crap, and people interpret it to mean whatever they want it to mean. This is why religion is so dangerous. You can read an allegorical passage, something under the lines of, “when a flower grows the water fills the cups”, someone will interpret that to mean “using condoms is wrong”.

What do you think of Carl Sagan? Particularly this video: /watch?v=e8P1Y1a7-L4

Carl Sagan was awesome! I have a lot of great things to say about him. I only wish this religious idea of “hell” exists where all atheists and agnostics apparently end up going so that I could there and meet Carl Sagan, and many others of course.

I'm the same girl who is in love with muslim guy. IS there any proof you have that is best that would make him wake up a little and let him know that maybe it's not the way?? That is what i am asking.

Well, I believe I’ve given you all the proof and evidence there is

If you hate muslims then trust me you've met the wrong ones, not everyone is the same, some of them call themselves muslims just ruin the reputation of islam and trust me if we abuse maids then they won't come and work in our countries. Everything in this world has a bad and a good side ;)

Where did you hear that I hate Muslims. I don’t know how clear I need to make it that not only do I not hate Muslims, but I actually have many Muslim friends, as well as Christian friends. People need to be open to having their beliefs challanged and criticized, and I am glad I have friends who understand that!

What do you think of the claims that in Islam they say male and female are equal. Like in the 600 AD women already had rights because of Islam but like in the west they were wondering if women were humans in the 1900 or something.

Well, first of all that’s not true at all. Trying to playing the “relative” game is very futile. Women, in general, had less rights back then, Islam didn’t really do much to change women’s rights, in fact in many ways it made worse, because it brought forth “divine commandments” that people take literally to be the true word of an all knowing God.

The amount of sexism and misogyny in the Quran and the Hadith is endless. As you are aware, Muslims are told that Muhammad’s ways in life should be the standard for all good Muslims! The Islamic Hadith states that Aisha was married to Muhammad at the age of 6, and the marriage was consummated when she was 9, while Muhammad was 53, in Medina. All the Hadiths agree on this, with the exception of al-Tabari, which states that she was 10 at the time, like that makes a difference! Sahih Bukhari Book 58, Number 236 states, “Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed there for two years or so and then he married ‘Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consumed that marriage when she was nine years old.”

Many Muslims who deny the authenticity of this Hadith, even though it recorded in all Islamic teachings, keep in mind that the rest of this book contains the material that defines the religion of Islam, and this is why both of my grandmothers were married to men in their 30s when they hadn’t even reached the age of 13. Not only that, but the Hadiths go on to say how Female Genital Mutilation, although not an Islamic practice, took place well prior to Islam and instead of having a law that cared for little girls Muhammad basically gave instructions on how to carry out this despicable act (Abu Dawood 41:5251)

But some “moderate” apologists argue that the Hadith should not be considered; only the Quran applies, even though the religion of Islam exists because of the Hadith since it contains many laws and customs that make up the religion. It’s sort of like the pathetic Christian argument that the Old Testament doesn’t apply even though without the Old Testament their entire religion ceases to exist. Regardless, the Quran has its own fair share of hatred and disrespect for women. When you read the Quran, Allah is constantly speaking to MEN, telling MEN how to treat WOMEN, how to handle women, and even instructions on how to beat women. Women are not the focus; they are well below men or even worse they are just objects. This is really no different than the Bible. In the Quran Allah considers women to be like a dirty field and says men should come forward with their penises to plow the field. It even says that your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you. This goes beyond objectifying women, it’s absolutely sickening to think of women this way, like they’re tools that god created for pleasing men. (Quran 2:223)

But that’s not where it ends, the Quran tells us that men are a degree higher than women, and in cases of divorce the husband has more rights to take them back (Quran 2:228). And who can forget the justification of polygamy, which is only for men of course. Men can have up to 4 wives, but what about women? Well from an Islamic point of view, that doesn’t really matter (Quran 4:3)

Well what about inheritance, maybe the Quran will give women a break here, but no as the Quran tells us men inherit twice that of females. Allah seems to think of men as being better and more important than women; if he hadn’t made it clear by now he also wants to make sure we know that men are twice as important when it comes to inheritance (Quran 4:11). And well what about illegal sexual activities, surely women and men should be equal when it comes to being punished for an imaginary crime like this, but no, the punishment of life in house confinement is only for women (Quran 4:15). As you read through the Quran you notice more and more that women are like objects in Islam and the Quran tells us that if you get tired of one there are instructions on how to replace her (4:20). There is absolutely no question about it, in the Quran we are told that men are in charge of women and they can beat women if the woman does not obey them (Quran 4:34). But what about the poor women, what if their husbands disobey them? Well nothing has been said in the Quran about this because clearly from Islamic point of view that does not matter!

If it was not clear enough the Quran reiterates again and again that a male receives twice the share of females (Quran 4:176)

We can go further into the whole concept of hijab, and how the Quran says Muslim women must reduce their vision and cover themselves (Quran 24:31, Quran 33:59). But of course this is because men can’t control themselves, what about women? Don’t they have a sex drive as well? Not according to Islam if you read the Quran carefully. If instructions for divorcing your wife were not bad enough, the Quran also gives instructions on how to divorce the kids you married, which ties into the Hadith about Muhammad marrying Aisha when she was only 6. This is a passage discussing how a man should divorce the woman he no longer wants, then it just starts talking about cases where the wife has not reached puberty yet. (Quran 65:4)

I haven’t even talked about how women have been treated in Muslim countries; I’ve only discussed the actual religion. I could go on and on, but before I do, let me guess, I am taking it out of context? Do you realize that religions only exist because passages are taken out of context and applied to today’s world? Besides, under what context is any of this garbage acceptable?!! Please do yourself a favour and do a bit of research next time.

The staunch pro-Israelis say the suffering of the Palestinians is their own fault, ignoring the fact most Palestinians want nothing to do with with Hamas and its terrorist activities. They also ignore who actually gave rise to Hamas.

Beginning in the late 1970s, Tel Aviv gave direct and indirect financial aid to Hamas. This continued over a long period of time. Israel aided Hamas to use it as a counterbalance to the PLO and Arafat.

Palestinians have always been very secular-minded compared to many other Arabs in the Middle East. Israel’s support for Hamas was a direct attempt to divide and dilute support for a strong, secular PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization).

While Israel actively supported this terrorist organization, the only reason Hamas grew among the Palestinians is because they were the only organization promising the heavily demoralized Palestinians social welfare. Social influence grew into political influence.

According to former State Department counter-terrorism official Larry Johnson, “the Israelis are their own worst enemies when it comes to fighting terrorism.”

Have you read the doctrine of Scientology? What the fuck. Do people actually believe in this crap? The irony is, most people would say these people are deluded because what they say is impossible... but what about the miracles in Christianity and Islam? They make no sense either!!! But they are normalized because we have internalised them from our society therefore we don't see the nonsense in them.

Scientology is just a cult, it’s not even worth studying it. At least religions like Islam and Christianity can be interesting to read about even if they are full of myths and fairy tales